Even Good Blogs Get Put on Probation

My blog has not been updating itself.
Therefore, I have decided, as its parent, that I have no choice but to place it on probation.
When good computers go bad they become doorstops.

Seriously, though, my mother died last week from Alzheimer’s, and I need time (a lot of time) to rethink the direction of my own writing. It’s been exhausting and bewildering, nightmarish and surreal, a struggle with strokes and dementia, nursing homes and hospitals, bureaucracies and bemusement. Over the course of this journey, I’ve met some of the kindest-hearted doctors and nurses on the planet; and I’ve met some doctors and nurses who redefine the meaning of the word “asshole”. One nurse from a rehab facility particularly comes to mind.

So, what now? Well …
I’m toying with the idea of writing a personal memoir.
I’m pondering whether to do some charity work for Alzheimer’s organizations.
I’m considering taking up sketching for a while.
I’m also toying with the idea of writing a game. After all, I got game.
Sorry. Bad joke.
And I’m also strongly thinking about sitting around and doing nothing.

I actually think that I left you all with some good things to consider for your own writing.
The hook and tag line post has generated a lot of interest.
That’s a topic that fascinates me to no end.

In closing, if you think of an idea for a hook and you’d like some feedback, send it my way, either by replying here or via email. I enjoy brainstorming. I also enjoy sleep, which I need a lot of.

But that doesn’t change the rules of reward/punishment.
The World Wide Web is neither sentient nor creative, and it did not hold up its end of the bargain of dazzling you with wit and humor. Therefore, I am making my blog sit in the corner with a dunce cap on.

Having said that, goodnight, and, as always,
Peace, from Keith

Blog is on hold

My advice on creative writing is on hold.

My mother — a stroke victim with Alzheimer’s dementia — is in the hospital and will be returning to her nursing home under Hospice care. This is an agonizing period of time for me, but more importantly, it is agonizing for her as this horrible disease takes its toll, locking her inside a body that gives her no relief from pain.

There are times that it seems like we’re living in a science fiction novel, with a worldwide array of interconnected computers, a database of the human genome, and the potential for earth-like planets around nearby stars. And yet for all our technology, we are still human.  In the end, we still long for peace.

As writers, even the most depressing situations offer us a chance to experience this life. And it is our duty — as writers — to convey our emotional responses to situations like this.

Our readers need that human connection, especially with respect to the darker sides of life that are poor form to discuss in public. Our readers need to know that we — who’ve been given a gift to express ourselves — can relate to all the various aspects of life, the joys and the sorrows, the contentments and the anxieties, that our audience is experiencing.

Remember, we love being writers. What we can’t stand is the paperwork.

Peace be with you,