Blog on hold.


I haven’t posted since 2016, when Jack Parker and I were scrambling to get our novel Madness Rising out the door (it didn’t fit) and to the publisher (who didn’t make us rich).

Since then, my writing has been a thrown in front of an oncoming, high-speed freight train. In essence, my blog is now the Wile E. Coyote of the writing and blogging world.

So… I am toying with ideas of where to take this platform next.  Like that clever coyote, though, I will be back, but the focus may shift, away from fiction and <gasp> into a more serious area.  Or not… who the hell really knows what a writer will do, huh?

As always, buy low-sell-high, kiss passionately, laugh often, meditate frequently, do unto others, have a little wine if you’re able, call your mama if you are able, and always remember that you can skydive without a parachute… you just can’t do it twice.

Take care,