Today is the day of the Doctor

Today is “The Day of the Doctor,” the soon-to-be classic (I hope) simulcast by the BBC and BBC America of the 50th Anniversary of the premiere of the iconic show, Doctor Who.   I realize it’s less than two hours until the premiere, but in case you don’t have the information, you will be able to set your DVRs by the schedule on the BBC website:

In other news, I will soon be starting a new blog.  This blog ( will become a personal memoir describing the impact of science fiction on my life.  The purpose of the new blog will be to seek out and review the coolest local Huntsville businesses and activities, especially those off the beaten track.  I don’t have a name, or a URL, for my new site yet.  However, if you are local or regional, and are interested in the Huntsville “metro area”, please visit my friends at the Rocket City Bloggers.  You can find them on the main webpage here:

Rocket City Bloggers Website

or, my preference, on Facebook, here:

Rocket City Bloggers Facebook Page

If you’re curious why I said Facebook, it’s because I love FB.  I’m probably the only person on earth who’ll admit that.  But I do.  There it is.  Out there.

Take care,