A Noisome Bistro Specialising Insane Custards, Shub Soufflés, and Jurassic Jelly Babies

We serve only the highest fat foods made strange aeons ago with artificial flavors, partially hydrogenated oils and oozes, and genetically modified by organisms from beyond the stars



Jurassic Jelly Babies – Kids only. Trapped in ancient amber. Horrible     £1

Fish Fingers and Blue Custard – Our concoction is made from the worst Chalmers’ bluish slime.  Many few sold     £1

Soapstone Burgers – New Memphis Kronkburger with a special Leng sauce, provoking scorn and tooth decay.     £2

Blasted Heath Bar – A treat from World War II. Choice grey dust. Awful.     £3

Shub Soufflé – Clara’s specialty, adorned with hieroglyphs. Ruined.      £5

Ulthar Cat Cakes – Dissected by Martha Jones.  Served rare.  Gristle.     £8


Shantak Screwdriver – Served on West End. Favourite of Randolph Carter     £13

TARDIS Manhattan – Rye, vermouth, bitters, and stabilisation brake fluid. Made River Song barf.  FUBAR.     £21

Arkham, Crowninshield County, England.  Tele: Severed.

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