#RedShirtDeadshirt … A Hashtag Thanksgiving Blog

“One never leaves fandom.  You might take a break, but you always come back.” ~ From an email I got during the earliest days of AOL.

In honor of Thanksgiving Day here in the States, I want to give special thanks to science fiction and fantasy television, which helped me navigate a half-nerd/half-cool childhood, rocketed me into the stress-free world of creative writing (#sarcasm), left me at the altar to find my way in the unforgiving world of air conditioning and hearty beer (#moreFacetiousness), and then allowed me to return, hat in hand (even though I look like a mouth-breather in a baseball cap), to give me countless hours of escape from reality.  And to paraphrase Jimmy Buffett, “What the hell’s wrong with that?”

If I’d been able to hashtag my original favorite SF TV shows, it’d look something like this:

And if I were to hashtag modern faves, after rediscovering the starry-eyed wonders of SF while pretending to be a grownup, it’d look a lot like this:

The flowchart shows, roughly, the order that I watched these shows.  And that’s not to say I don’t enjoy many, many others, from Gilligan’s Island to M*A*S*HModern Family to Psych.  What I was doing today was just having some fun with PowerPoint, which, in and of itself, should send you running for the hills. Beverly Hills, that is …

Until next time, be thankful for your loved ones, friends and pets, not necessarily, in that order.

Peace, from Keith

Copyright ©2012 Alan Keith Parker. All Rights Reserved. Images are displayed under fair use laws and are the sole property of the studios, including CBS, Paramount, ITC, ABC, NBC, Fox, and SyFy.

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