Biographies and Blasters

Are you a writer, an aspiring writer, or just play one on TV?

If so, take a gander at this and see if it looks appealing:

  • I know a woman — high school classmate — who was one of the most successful horse jockeys before an accident and paralysis cut her career short. She now works with handicapped children, teaching them how to ride horses. I’ve helped her write about 1/3 of her story, but as a science fiction author I’m simply out of my depth on this.  But her story really could have break-out potential. Unfortunately, I’m the wrong guy to break it out.  If you’re interested, then email me at, and I’ll give you more details.

Meanwhile, as I start to refuel up my rocket ship and blog — with a new emphasis on SF and Fantasy — please follow me on Twitter at @keith0363

There, you’ll find me asking some of the most bizarre and idiotic questions, e.g.,

  • Who’s wiser, Yoda or The Shrike?
  • Who’d you rather hear debate? Obama and Romney, or a Vorlon and an Ood?
  • I need an alien everyday (apologies to The Grateful Dead)
  • Who’d win a battle between Ewoks and Tribbles?
  • How about a debate between Hal 9000 and the M-5?
  • How many times do we see a deus ex machina in The Hobbit?
  • Which is worse? Season 3 of Lost in Space or Season 2 of Space:1999?
  • Which is better? The Twilight Zone or Star Trek (TOS)?
  • Consider: Dragon’s breathalyzer
  • Consider: Magic surrealism
  • Consider: Artificial intelligentsia
  • Consider: Warp driveways
  • Consider: Space shipments
  • Consider: Time machinations
  • Have you ever read a shaggy dog story that included a shaggy dog?

And there’s plenty more where those come from.

Until next time (and it won’t be that long),

Peace, from Keith

Copyright © 2012, Alan Keith Parker. Any reproduction of the material in my blog is illegal. And if you do it anyway, you’re an asshole.

One thought on “Biographies and Blasters

  1. Jeff

    As an avid reader of good writing, I think you are well equipped to write her story in full. I’ll have to email you on this one !

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