Even Good Blogs Get Put on Probation

My blog has not been updating itself.
Therefore, I have decided, as its parent, that I have no choice but to place it on probation.
When good computers go bad they become doorstops.

Seriously, though, my mother died last week from Alzheimer’s, and I need time (a lot of time) to rethink the direction of my own writing. It’s been exhausting and bewildering, nightmarish and surreal, a struggle with strokes and dementia, nursing homes and hospitals, bureaucracies and bemusement. Over the course of this journey, I’ve met some of the kindest-hearted doctors and nurses on the planet; and I’ve met some doctors and nurses who redefine the meaning of the word “asshole”. One nurse from a rehab facility particularly comes to mind.

So, what now? Well …
I’m toying with the idea of writing a personal memoir.
I’m pondering whether to do some charity work for Alzheimer’s organizations.
I’m considering taking up sketching for a while.
I’m also toying with the idea of writing a game. After all, I got game.
Sorry. Bad joke.
And I’m also strongly thinking about sitting around and doing nothing.

I actually think that I left you all with some good things to consider for your own writing.
The hook and tag line post has generated a lot of interest.
That’s a topic that fascinates me to no end.

In closing, if you think of an idea for a hook and you’d like some feedback, send it my way, either by replying here or via email. I enjoy brainstorming. I also enjoy sleep, which I need a lot of.

But that doesn’t change the rules of reward/punishment.
The World Wide Web is neither sentient nor creative, and it did not hold up its end of the bargain of dazzling you with wit and humor. Therefore, I am making my blog sit in the corner with a dunce cap on.

Having said that, goodnight, and, as always,
Peace, from Keith

3 thoughts on “Even Good Blogs Get Put on Probation

  1. I hope you are coping in these traumatic times. You are in my thoughts.
    I also have lots of thoughts on your list of projects which I will post at a later date when I am not rushing around preparing a small reluctant girl for swimming lessons.

    1. I really appreciate it!
      My list is a wish list to some extent, and it’s probably even longer than that, but all the things I want to do involve writing/creativity.

      I have kids as well, so with my time being limited, a few things are going to have to change, and putting the blog on hold is the first step in decompressing.

      Thanks much!

  2. Here is my list:
    I am working very hard to getting a place on an MPhil in writing.
    I’m working very hard to get a few more things published.
    I got a piece called New Fatherhood published by Morpheus Tales the other day.
    I have a book about depression which was commissioned by a depression charity and edited by a small press – it seems wrong that it is not helping anyone on my hard drive when I would allow free downloads to help others.
    And I want to offer my skill set as a game designer – My photography is quite exciting, my music is very exciting but very challenging in an abstract way, my coding skills need some polish, my sketching/art is just plain weird.

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