What a Plot!

I’m waiting for Palm Sunday Service to start here at Trinity United Methodist Church, and soon all the kiddies will parade through room waving  palm branches, and I thought, “What a great start for a plot!”

A man is so celebrated by the masses that he enters the grand capital with people placing palm tree branches at the feet of his donkey. And yet, within five days he’ll be arrested for treason, stripped, spat on, bullied, abused, heckled, put on trial for sedition, rejected by the people, and tortured to death.

And then: The Gospel accounts tell us something more: he is brought back to life.

You do realize that that’s like going to the local cemetery to put flowers on a loved one’s grave only to see him get up, shake off,  climb out of casket, and saunter about like he’s strolling through the organic produce section of the supermarket?

This story — The Easter Story — is a perfect plot.  It contains everything you need: love, hate, betrayal, false accusations, faith, kangaroo courts, torment, torture, loss of faith, death, and life.

As you try to develop an arc for your characters, remember that the two are intertwined: Characters do not exist in a vacuum.  Things have to happen to him.  Otherwise he’s just a dude standing there in among the vegetables, looking at a sack of onions.

Peace, from Keith

P.S. I don’t claim to be a theologian or a Biblical scholar, though I pretend to be on occasion.


Copyright (c) 2012 Alan Keith Parker

2 thoughts on “What a Plot!

  1. Keith – you are more of a theologian than you think! You are right on the money about the Easter Story being the perfect plot. When you think about it, it is all too crazy to be believed….yet so many people do have faith in the whole crazy story. Proves that God is THE best author. Period. Blessings! Amelia

  2. Thank you, Amelia!

    When I started my blog I made a pact with myself not to discuss politics or religion. Now I’ve done both in the course of two postings! Ah, well, such is life.

    We writers are products of our culture; and we’d be doing ourselves a great disservice if we ignored the single most influential book of all time.

    I really appreciate your kind words.

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