Dear Readers,

My blogging life has hit a snag due to a strange set of circumstances that I’d like to call a series of unfortunate events … oh, wait. That’s already a book. Nonetheless, we here at home have been beset on all sides by the wicked and …. oh, wait, that’s already a line from the movie Pulp Fiction.


Basically, I’m sick, and not just in the head.  Anyway, if you’re following my blog, please don’t write me off (pun intended). I will be back, and I promise to address the issue of author intrusion in creative writing, and will take a stab at that as soon as my sinuses stop stabbing behind my eyes.

But for now … AH-AH-AH-CHOOOO!

Peace, from Keith

4 thoughts on “AH-AH-AH-CHOOOO

  1. This made me laugh and feel for you at the same time. We have a teaching skull which has the top cut off and you can see all those tubes and pipes and it is not surprising it hurts when the fill up with gunge.

  2. Thank you! It was one of those weird “cold-like” viruses that felt like it was bioengineered by Heinz Doofenschmertz (“Phineas & Ferb” reference: One of the best cartoons in years!).

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