Desmond Has a Barrow Selling Silliness

Have I ever told you, my readers, how much I hate The Beatles’ song “O-Bla-Di O-Bla-Da”?

I hate that damn song almost as much as I hate Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is both a symbolic and literal example of monumental stupidity allowed to run amok. Its spelling, grammar, formatting, and font features simply do not work. It’s a counterintuitive, oversized, overpriced memory hog with only one redeeming characteristic: It can be deleted.

Deleting it also allows you to stick Post-It Notes to your monitor.

Unfortunately, Word and “O-Bla-Di O-Bla-Da” have much in common. That sad, sack-of-shit-song ruined one of the best albums of all time. And it plays in my head all day while, at night, I dream of an obtuse piece of software taunting me with its blank screen and dumbass functions.

On a less cynical note, and speaking of words, here is today’s word association …

Bertrand Russell terrier firma mattress & box spring board room with a view pointer, hunter, fisher life line in the sand box of chocolate covered strawberries and cream of the crop duster by Plymouth rock and roll will never die cast metal cars by matchbox kite string theory and facts are stubborn things.

So what does any of this have to do with creativity and creative writing?

Very little, other than the fact that I am reading two works from opposite ends of the speculative fiction spectrum: What Mad Universe by Fredric Brown, and The Stand by Stephen King.

The latter, of course, is considered King’s magnum opus. And although I prefer IT, The Body, and Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemtion, I cannot deny the quality of The Stand, its characters or its plot. But here is why I like it most: The humor. Yes, the humor. One of King’s most amazing talents is his melding of horror and humor, which is an oddly satisfying combination.

The former novel, meanwhile, is one of the whackiest and sublime (yes, sublime) satires of pulp era science fiction I’ve ever read. It is a book that uses the themes of the pulp era in order to poke fun at the same. If you have not read Brown (his stuff is mostly out of print) you are missing a treat!

Anyway, the point of today’s blog is to give a nod to goofiness in all its forms, whether humor mixed with horror, pulp fiction making circular fun of itself, my own peculiar mixing of The Beatles and Microsoft, or my homage to John Cleese with my own rendition of “Word Association Football”.

Whackiness has its place in creativity, creative writing, and makes good fiction even gooder :-) Try it sometimes. Put on your giggle hat and laugh.

Until next time, remember that I wish you, …

Peace, from Keith

Copyright © 2012, Alan Keith Parker. It gets tiring writing these disclaimers, so instead I’ll just add a raspberry to anybody who steals this :-P

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