Yodeling Pickles & Short Stories

Are you up for a holiday challenge?
Do you get your dander up like John Locke on LOST who, when discouraged, says, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

Well, here’s something you cannot pass up.

The photo below shows four things from our family Christmas. One is a high-quality quill pen, and another is parchment paper for creating antique-style maps and scrolls. The third is a quaint TV tray that was painted in a whimsical style. The fourth item is …
… wait for it …
a yodeling pickle.
Yes, a pickle … that yodels.
It’s a little electronic gizmo that only William S. Burroughs could appreciate. And it has a speaker on it. When you turn it on it yodels.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

So the mission is to write a piece of flash fiction or an essay (200-400 words) that includes a quill pen, parchment, colorful TV tray, and a yodeling pickle. If you can pull that off, my friends, you are a better writer than I.


Peace, from Keith

(c) Copyright 2011, Alan Keith Parker. All rights reserved.

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