Live, and on Fire!

In this week’s blog it’s my pleasure to present my latest cure for insomnia, the short story collection Entangled with Other Stories.

It is now available from as a trade paperback, i.e., it’s a real book, which is made out of real paper, which is made out real, dead trees.

And, for you e-Book loves, it’s also available for the Amazon Kindle.   That means you can read it on the traditional black-and-white Kindle as well as the new Kindle Fire, which I hear is just the bee’s knees of gadgets these days.

So, this collection really will be on (Amazon) Fire.

Most of these stories were published by small press magazines during the 1990s.  A handful, though, are recent creations, with “Careworn” having been penned in 2011.  There are two anchor stories in this volume: one is “Entanglement”, which has been a fan favorite for quite some time now; the other is “Mason Jars”, a coming-of-age tale in the tradition of Ray Bradbury.  Several other stories have gained a certain level of infamy among my readers, including “Some Seconds Last Longer than Others”, which was one of the winners of a short fiction contest.   This story — I am told — will make you think.  I never intended for that to happen, but if people want to think, who am I to get in their way?   So, the bottom-line is that I have decided to re-publish all of these takes and essays so  they’ll be available world-wide, and maybe on a few other planets as well.

In sincerely hope you can enjoy these tales as much as I enjoyed penning them.  And in case you’re curious, penning them was about as much fun as giving yourself a root canal with an icepick and a bottle of whiskey.

Peace, from Keith

© Copyright, 2011, Alan Keith Parker.

Stealing intellectual property is against the law; more importantly, it turns you into a nerd with pimples.

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