Short Story Collection Coming Soon to Kindle & Nook

Friends, Neighbors, Strangers, Loved-Ones & Enemies:

My next e-book project is going to be a collection of my short stories that I either A) got published, or B) got rejected between 1992 and 2006.

Some of you have read these.  And while I recognize that many of you have opted for electroshock therapy to erase those memories, there are others who’ve expressed a reluctant and suspicious aspiration to read more.

The collection, tentatively titled Dry Thunder, will include:

  • “Mason Jars”  … (2006 EWTW short fiction contest)
  • “Entanglement”
  • “Some Seconds Last Longer than Others” … (1994)
  • “Eden’s Singularity” … (1996)
  • “Careworn” … (2010)
  • “The Last Digit of Pi”
  • “Dirty Ole Coffee Mug”
  • “Interviewing Characters” … (2007 nonfiction article)
  • “Not Fit for Dog Food” … (1992)
And don’t forget, you can always order Fire Always Burns Uphill for Kindle or Nook for the low, low price everyday cost of $4.99 at these links:
 And remember, reviews are always welcome.
 They help me look better to prospective buyers on Madison Avenue or Hollywood & Vine!

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