After Much Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, among other biblical  challenges, I was finally able to get cover art for Fire Always Burns Uphill onto the Nook website.

The novel is available for the low, low price of $4.99, through these e-reader outlets:

Get your copy while supplies last!  After all, there are only so many electrons in the universe.

Back to the cover art, though.

All I wanted to do was add a simple JPEG file to the Barnes & Noble page: has uploading restrictions, but they’re nothing outrageous.  If you’ve ever uploaded a pic for use in a forum, you know that the photo can’t be too large, and it has to have to be a certain size.

The problem, I hate to say, was that my MacBook and my iMac — machines that were supposedly built for photo/graphic processing — do not have native photo editing software.   I mean, Jeez, Louise, if you shell out that kind of cash for a freakin’ computer, you’d think you could edit a damn picture, dontcha?

I couldn’t even find a tool on the Mac that would measure the number of pixels in the image! How whacky is that?

So I downloaded the free photo editing software called GIMP.  It downloads quickly.   And it’s about as user-friendly as trying to fly a 747 while doing your income taxes on April 14.

So, I had to resurrect an old XP machine and jump through the 2,761 hoops that are required any time you use a Windows computer that has been turned off for, oh, say, 20 minutes.

The end-result was 3-friggin’ hours of frustration and one teeny, tiny picture of my book cover.

I wonder if anybody is ever going to build a home computer that actually works?

Please buy my book … I need an inflated sense of self-esteem tonight :)

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