Fire Continues to Burn

It’s been 5 days since my novel, Fire Always Burns Uphill, went live in the Kindle Store.

And I realized something I need to tell you: This edition of Fire is an “e-book”.  It only exists in electronic format .   Now, if you own a Kindle gadget, you can download the novel for the everyday low price of just $4.99.  (Do I sound like a late-night used car salesman?)

But what if you don’t own a Kindle?  :-(    Well, here’s some news that’ll give you goosebumps: You can download this page-turner to a PC or a Mac using Amazon’s Kindle app software:

If you use a PC, go to

If you use a Mac, go to

Can it get an easier?  (Well, maybe, but I’m working on that :-) )

Feedback so far has been fantastic.  A friend from high school said “[Parker’s] characters are so believable that by the end you’ll feel like you know them personally.”

And a friend from college stayed up all night because he couldn’t put the book down.

What a compliment, huh?

Until next time remember: I love being a writer.  What I can’t stand is the paperwork.


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